Frequantly Asked Questions

Below FAQ are some common questions from our customers we've encountered over the years.
If you don't see an answer here please just send your question to us at:
Postage to the UK Costs £5, Worldwide postage is £10

We aim to send out our boxes on the 16th of every month. From there it takes:
2-3 days (UK)
1-2 weeks (Worldwide) Normally the further from the UK the longer it takes.

Once every order has been dispatched an email confirmation will be sent to the email provided in your order.
Please read our returns page for more info on all exchanges/ refunds
All our Clothing is to be washed inside out at 30 degrees maximum and then hung on a line / clothes horse to dry. DO NOT TUMBLE DRY (ITEM WILL SHRINK).  Any item damaged as a result of not following these instructions will not be eligible for a refund/ exchange.
So long as we know the right address at the end of the theme's month that you subscribed for then it should be fine. But please, try put in the right Address.
No, all Paragon Pax products are unavailable anywhere in the world. We make exclusive items that are only available by buying our subscription boxes.
Yes, you can cancel your subscription any time by clicking on your account and simply canceling. The amount you will be refunded is dependent on what tier you signed up for. If you were doing the 1 month plan your account will simply just cut and you will not be refunded any actual money. Lets say theoretically you purchased 3 months at £64.47 but only got 2 months and then needed to cancel. What we simply do is charge the 2 boxes at the rate of the tier below (£22.99 in this instance) making £45.98 and deduct that from £64.47. Meaning you would be refunded £18.49. If you have any questions concerning leaving feel free to email us and we can tell exactly how much you would be refunded. We do this process to avoid people signing up for 12 months to get the boxes at a cheaper rate then leaving after 1 month.
Fulfilled means the item has been dispatched, Unfulfilled means it's still waiting to be dispatched. Please remember that we do not ship out orders till around the 16th of each month
Yes. We really want people to share our products all over the world. Even better we want you to film yourself unboxing our products and putting them up on youtube and other social media's. We are even working on rewarding those who help us share paragon pax worldwide. Remember to hashtag your posts with #paragonpax and send us a link of anything you upload. We would love to share it ourselves on our networks.
Yes, we aim to go to conventions starting 2018. Typically we will be at MCM Comic Con London to begin with.
No, for now the only way to get our products is to subscribe. A bigger part of the future once we have enough subscribers would be to allow people to purchase products from previous boxes or even re release these boxes for people to purchase but if we were to do this it would only be for a limited time and at a higher price then we originally started with. This is to remain loyal to those who first subscribed for the box anyway and trusted that we will give them astonishing products.
Our Themes switch every month, we do this to bring variety to our demographic. Each theme will be different to the other and we will give clues to what is included through the month but will never actually show the products we are putting in. That's for you to do as you unbox your Paragon Pax and show the world yourself what you've received. Some themes you may see will be things such as: Dinosaurs, Wildlife, Video Games, Movies, TV Shows, Tattoo Culture, Nautical themes, and so on. Each theme will be announced at the end of the next.
As a designer myself I understand how hard it can be to get out there. I'm lucky to have bought up some incredible designs along this journey and work with some of the most talented in the world. But we're always looking for new talent. If you're interested we would love to see what you do, not spammed constantly with it but a nice professional portfolio of your work is always appreciated and always looked over.